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Thursday, June 23, 2005

New Article: Steven Wintergerst's Terraforming Method

A lake on a terraformed Mars.
A lake on a terraformed Mars.
Credit: Michael Carrol
Steven Wintergerst has submitted his new and revised terraforming method. In it he outlines exactly how he feels Mars can be terraformed. His article is a good introduction to the concept of terraforming, and if you're not familiar with the concept, it's definitely worth a read. Here's a snippet:

Terraforming has never been done before, and therefore, it is an art, and not a science. Science is based on cold facts, calculations, and experience. Art is based on intuition, guesswork, and innovation. While successful terraforming must be based on science, until the process has been done several times, it will remain an art.

Mars, although a dismally unearthly place holds the most interest, as what may be our first potential terraforming project. However, before we begin terraforming, we must discern what it is about Mars that is unearthly. It will be impossible to make Mars more earthlike without knowing what the differences are. Once the differences are known, we can focus on those differences which are critical to human survival, and those that can be changed.

- posted by Alex @ 12:39 EST