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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

New Article: Martian Monoculture

An asteroid settlement.
An asteroid settlement.
Credit: NASA
Perhaps this article will draw a little controversy over its unique philosophy of mankind's current inability to colonize another planet, but controversy cultivates creativity. Ferand Peek has submitted his article, Martian Monoculture to raise some concerns that a newly colonized Mars would make the same governmental and corporate mistakes that have been made here on Earth. His article is critical most of all of human complacency. Even if you disagree with his conclusions, few can argue that Mars should be different in many ways from Earth. Here's a snippet of Peek's article:

I love the idea of colonizing Mars as much as the next space enthusiast. However I have been asking myself more and more lately: 'is it necessarily the best option for us to undertake?' I can't help but see the same historical conflicts over land or territory or market influence, social system vs pure capitalist system, wealthy nations competing with poorer nations, played out again upon the surface of another world. It is possible that by the time such a project was completed, or substantial populations were living on the surface of Mars, the people of Earth may have moved past their current trend towards mono-culturalism through the power of multinational companies, and on to something perhaps more humane.

- posted by Alex @ 14:07 EST