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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Manned Mission to Include Cyborgs?

Arnold Schwarzenegger as a cyborg.
Arnold Schwarzenegger as a cyborg.
Credit: The Cyberpunk Movement
Universe Today is reporting that researchers at the Center for Astrobiology in Madrid and the Geological and Mineral Institute have developed a "wearable computer and video camcorder system" to help identify locations of interest and confirm possible sightings of life and interesting phenomena. The system already has a 68% agreement rate with human geologists. The end goal is to help fight false positives in the identification of life - saving time and improving reliability.

The Universe Today author believes that this technology should be incorporated in future rovers like the MERs up there today, but this will not be very useful until the rovers are capable of exploring on their own. Until then, manual control of the rovers means that scientists must look at the imagery taken on the previous run to determine where they want to go next, which makes the suggestions coming from the rover of interest, but not as important as a real-time aid to a human observer would be.

(More info: Universe Today, Centro de Astrobiología)

- posted by Brian @ 17:10 EST