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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

New Original Artwork

A habitat on Mars.
A habitat on Mars.
Credit: Jason Archer
We have received some new original artwork, and you won't know what you're missing until you see it. Jason Archer, a professional artist, has submitted two still-shots he has created as part of some movies he is putting together for MarsDrive, the campaign to raise awareness for Red Colony and our mission. His first image, shown here, is of one of the first habitats on Mars. His second image is of a blimp over an early-terraformed mountain range on Mars. Darren Glidden also submitted some pictures he made of what he hopes to be Mars sometime after the 22nd century. They are Blue Mars 1, Blue Mars 2, and Blue Mars 3.

If you have some original artwork that you would like to submit to Red Colony, feel free to put it in a Word document and submit it to us. And as always, we welcome your fiction and articles dealing with colonization or terraforming.

All original images, and some other goodies, can be found on the Art & Screenshots page. You can view more of Jason's artwork and photography at A very special thanks to both men for their contributions to the global Mars database that is Red Colony.

- posted by Alex @ 20:47 EST