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Friday, August 5, 2005

New Article: To Settle Mars

A habitat on Mars.
A habitat on Mars.
Credit: Jason Archer
Frank's done it again. Frank Stratford, author of several other articles on Red Colony, has submitted To Settle Mars, an article discussing everything from the current advances being made toward human colonization of Mars to the rockets that we will need to get us there. This article offers a great overview of the first few missions to Mars, in an upfront-and-simple style of writing that makes Frank's work so enjoyable. Here's a snippet:

Some of the other major challenges to be dealt with in the first years on Mars will be the creation and successful maintenance of food production, water supplies, recycling efficiency and production of energy for the ongoing viability and growth of any first settlement. Most likely the first and most practical energy source could be nuclear and most definitely solar. Any greenhouse component to a future base will utilise the latest in genetically modified plants and will rely heavily on the valuable lessons learnt through years of experimentation with the growth of plants in Low Earth Orbit missions from the shuttle and I.S.S.

- posted by Alex @ 0:36 EST