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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

New Article: MarsDrive Taskforce

The MarsDrive logo.
The MarsDrive logo.
Credit: Jason Archer
Frank Stratford has submitted an article entitled, MarsDrive Taskforce. His article lays out his hopes for the massive fundraising project that MarsDrive has already begun. What is the MarsDrive Taskforce? In short, it is a way to unite the special-interest space groups of the world together and pool all of their resources into one collective cooperative drive to colonize Mars. Here's a snippet:

To enable a real life private mission to Mars based on private funds and making use of all the great research space advocate groups are doing, we need significant funds. We have three sources to gain those funds from- Government, Private Corporations and the General Public. Lobby groups work on the government angle but even if they succeed that does not give private groups access to Mars. Private corporations do have the funds we need but the bottom line is they want to know what's in it for them and how can they make a profit. That is the reason why even small research projects are so hard to get going when relying on such companies. Finally there is the general public. The true untapped resource. The general public are you and me. Rich and poor alike. For years now the fundraising model has been to get corporate sponsors for various projects and I am all for that to continue. But that model will not be able to make the leap from a few million dollars to several billions any time soon, especially without demonstrating a financial incentive for such sponsors to shell out the needed billions. Corporations and governments are very restrictive and slow moving when it comes to spending billions of dollars for any reason.

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- posted by Alex @ 14:03 EST