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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New Article: Space is For You

A base on the moon?
A base on the moon?
Credit: NASA
Frank Stratford submitted another fascinating article, this one entitled, Space is For You. The article begins with a very interesting premise: people have been misled. We were once taught to love space because it gave us a sense of nationalistic pride. But times have changed and so must our motives. However, Frank goes even further. Today, we cannot try to sell the idea of space by toting its scientific potential. Space is for mankind, and Mars is the next step in our expansion as a species. Here's a snippet of his article:

By now you would have heard that NASA intends to go to the Moon again in 2018, but why should that interest you? You already have enough concerns here in your life on earth with things like terrorism, hurricanes, wars and your own employment prospects keeping you up at night. What about the rising price of fuel? It's hitting people hard from all walks of life and in all nations. There is poverty, famine, crime, social injustice spread all over our world. The list is practically endless. I'm not going to sweep all these things aside and tell you that space is more important when you say, "Why is space so important to me?" or, "What has space got to do with my life here and now?"

The truth is you are absolutely right. What if instead of sending astronauts to the Moon and Mars for the sake of science and technology, we sent them there with the ultimate goal to build a permanent human settlement?

- posted by Alex @ 21:48 EST