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Friday, April 28, 2006

MarsDrive At ISDC 2006

Credit: ISDC
In just a few days, from May 4th to May 7th, representatives from MarsDrive will be attending and presenting at what has been described as "the biggest, all-encompassing space advocacy event ever": the 25th International Space Development Conference. ISDC 2006 and RedColony would like to see you there.

Regan Walker, the U.S. MarsDrive Director, will be presenting the MarsDrive concept on Thursday, May 4th, and Grant Bonin, SpaceNow's Education and Mission Director, will be presenting the Mars For Less design on the same day between 3 and 4pm. You can find more details here in the Space Science section.

ISDC 2006 will take place at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles - right in the heart of the new space entrepreneurial movement. Southern California is home to the X Prize Foundation, Scaled Composites, SpaceX, Sea Launch, SpaceDev and XCOR Aerospace, just to name a few projects. The dates are fortuitous: May 4 is Space Day, a nationwide space education event. The week also marks the 5th anniversary of Dennis Tito's historic private expedition to the International Space Station as the world's first-ever space tourist.

Submitted by Frank.

- posted by Jim @ 9:59 EST