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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Site Update

Welcome to the new Red Colony!
I am happy to present to you the new style and features that we have been working on for some time. Besides the new style, you will find:
  • The Plan Wiki - This is a place where the Projects can work, share, and update information. It is open to read by everyone, but only Project members can edit it.
  • Control Panel - On this page you will find the new Article Submitter. It has a WYSIWYG editor and graphical interface. Also, there is a News Submitter. This allows anyone to submit news to us to be used on the front page. Over time, more features will be added to your control panel.
  • Search Engine - There is a new search engine on the site. It searched articles, news, and the forum. It will help you find information on the site.
We hope that the new site will help the site grow in its Mission Statement. We are hoping that with the new features, we can better organize information information to help inform people. We are hoping that the Projects can be more active with the wiki and the forums. We are hoping that more debate can be brought to the forums about topics relating to colonization and terraforming.

We have tried to test the new site thoroughly before releasing, but as with any large software package, there will be bugs. We will work diligently to try and correct any errors reported to us.

We hope that you enjoy the site,
Red Colony Staff

- posted by Jim @ 7:51 EST