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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

6th Birthday

Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake
Credit: ABC
Today marks the 6th Anniversary of the creation of Red Colony. In that time it has gone through spells of activity and dryness. Its facade has been changed 6 times, and it has matured from a small group of friends to an organization. Today is a day for us to look to the future and see what Red Colony can be and to think of how to make it like that.

Happy 230th Birthday to America. In hope that our government will become more focused on the sciences and education then money and war, I hope that America would continue to exist and to become (again) a beacon for all.

In other news, Discovery is on the launch pad and set to launch at 14:38EDT today. Baring any adverse weather conditions, today's launch will be the second shuttle since the Columbia disaster. The 12-day mission to explore strange news worlds, seek 12-day mission, to test new safety and repair procedures as well as visit the ISS will be a step towards revitalizing our space program.

- posted by Jim @ 8:31 EST