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Sunday, October 8, 2006

New Article

I am proud to release an article submitted some time ago by Dan RĂzvan Popoviciu, entitled Some Ideas Regarding the Biological Colonization of The Planet Mars. This is a very comprehensive article and well worth the read.

Far from being a purely theoretical science, Biology has many practical applications. This science will have a huge importance for the future of humanity. What can Biology bring to mankind? There are three main answers:

Health— Biological sciences will play an important role in fighting various infectious agents (viruses, bacteria), in curing other diseases (cancer, for example) and in "repairing" wounded tissues, thus increasing people’s life expectancy.

Food— Considering the rapid demographic growth, the traditional food sources will become insufficient for feeding Earth’s population. Biologists will have the duty to search for organisms that are more nourishing and easier to be cultivated (algae, crustaceans etc.), and also to improve the species already cultivated, in order to increase their productivity, their nutritiousness and their resistance to pests.

Space— While the human demographical growth is unlimited, our planet’s resources are limited. Mankind will have to conquer and colonize the extraterrestrial space. We know that none of the planets in our Solar System has the natural conditions necessary to human colonization. The solution is to modify these conditions and to gradually implant terrestrial life forms on these planets, in order to create habitats for the future colonists.

This essay is regarding the latter subject.

- posted by Jim @ 17:41 EST