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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

MarsDrive is Official

The state of Texas has long been involved in the space exploration sector with many elements of NASA based there, especially in Houston. As of the 24th of January 2007 we are proud to report that MarsDrive has been officially incorporated in the state of Texas as the first step in becoming a non profit corporation. MarsDrive would like to take this opportunity to thank our many supporters and to invite all potential supporters to join us on the drive to Mars.

We are here to stay and having achieved this first step towards future goals are confident that with your continued support the effort to send humans to Mars will succeed in the coming years. The directors on the board are- Frank Stratford- President, Hal Fulton- Vice President, Dale Rogers- Secretary, Regan Walker-Treasurer and Jared Zweifel- Director. Stay tuned for further developments and if you believe that you can be of any assistance or have any questions please contact us at here.

- posted by Jim @ 22:40 EST