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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Methanogen Experiments

Tim Kral and graduate student Brandon G. Gibson, of University of Arkansas; Heaven A. Kozup of Gwynedd-Mercy College have performed experiments with three species of methanogens on clay, sand, gravel, basalt and Mars soil stimulant. "We wanted to see if different types of rocks and soils could supply the other necessary ingredients for them to produce methane," Kral said. The sand, gravel and Mars soil stimulant all produced methane. One species of methanogen produced methane on basalt, which is commonly found in Martian soil, and no activity was found in the clay. Kral plans to re-create the experiments in a slightly different manner."This is a hodgepodge of things that come together and tell a story, Kral said. "You have to put the parts in place before you can see the whole picture. We are currently teasing out the parts so we can build the picture."

(More info: Univ. of Arkansas)

- posted by Jim @ 22:19 EST