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Mars Organizations

The following is a list of those organizations and websites that strive to assist the Mars scene as a whole. Red Colony is not affiliated with these organizations, nor is it responsible for the content of their websites, but we welcome their support in the global quest to colonize and terraform Mars. If you have a website or organization about Mars and are interested in being on this list, contact us here.

The International Mars Society
Founded: 1998

The Mars Society is an international organization, founded in 1998 by Robert Zubrin and others, to "further the goal of the exploration and settlement of the Red Planet." According to the Purpose, linked to on its website, the Mars Society intends to conduct "broad public outreach," support "aggressive government funded Mars exploration programs," and conduct "Mars exploration on a private basis." The Mars Society differs greatly from Red Colony in its method for reaching Mars, and especially in its goals once there. To read more about these differences, click here.
The Mars Homestead Project
Founded: 2004

A group of engineers from MIT and elsewhere have founded an organization devoted to design and build the first permanent base on Mars. The group, called the Mars Homestead Project, includes a variety of specialists in various fields, and includes such well-known figures as terraforming expert Dr. Chris McKay on their board of advisors.

The project's current goal is to complete the initial plan for the base by 2005, and construct prototypes to test their ideas. In addition, they hope to push for a formal joint effort to increase membership in various space organizations and involve their chapters in helping with the project. Ultimately they hope to build a thriving, sustained settlement on Mars.

Mars Institute
Founded: 2002

According to its website, the purpose of the Mars Institute is to "further the scientific study, exploration, and public understanding of Mars." The Institute "develops, implements, supports" research on Mars's present and possible future conditions. It hopes to develop and implement "concepts, technologies and strategies for the exploration of Mars, by robotic systems and humans." It also informs the public of its progress in these fields.
Spacefleet Association
Founded: 2004

According to its website, Spacefleet is "an international on-line community where space technologists and rocket engineers can consult and collaborate with each other for mutual benefit." The organization will even pay for submitted articles, and some of the proceeds from any ideas will be given to the author.
The Planetary Society
Founded: 1980

The largest space advocacy group on the planet, the Planetary Society, "encourages all spacefaring nations to explore other worlds", offers information and support for "educational activities about the exploration of the solar system and the search for extraterrestrial life", and "supports and funds innovative and novel research and development projects that can seed future projects of planetary exploration."
Case for Mars Conferences ("Mars Underground")
Founded: 1981 (inactive)

Although never an official organization, the Case for Mars conferences were some of the most important "meetings of the minds" that would make up the Mars colonization and terraformation scene. Founded by then-graduate student Christopher McKay and others, the Case for Mars conferences, held in Boulder, Colorado, presented the latest in Mars research. Six such conferences were held over the years, frequented by Robert Zubrin and other famous scientists, until the publication of Zubrin's "The Case for Mars" triggered the creation of the Mars Society.

The history of the "Mars Underground", as it was called, and its influence on the modern Mars movement, is quite interesting to study. The famous "Mars or Bust" pins (one of which can be seen in this picture of Robert Zubrin), have a fascinating history of their own. Read how these conferences changed the face of Mars forever.

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