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Other Papers and Websites

The following is a list of some of the most important papers and websites on Mars colonization and terraformation not affiliated with Red Colony. The papers listed have been published in some other form and cannot, therefore, be included in Red Colony's article database. They remain, however, significant literature of the global Mars movement.


Bacterial Transformation in Relationship to Terraforming - J. Keener & B. Rudo (2002)

The Economic Viability of Mars Colonization - Robert Zubrin (1999)

A New Martian Frontier: Recapturing the Soul of America - Robert Zubrin

The Space Lottery - Grant Bonin (2004)

Technological Requirements for Terraforming Mars - C. McKay & R. Zubrin (1993)

Terraforming Mars: A Review of Research - Martin Fogg (1998)

Testimony of Dr. Robert Zubrin to the Senate Commerce Committee - Robert Zubrin (2003)


Astrobiology: The Living Universe - A. Hon, K. Harris, & D. Sewell

The Case for Mars - Robert Zubrin

The Great Terraforming Debate - C. McKay & others

How Terraforming Will Work - Kevin Bonsor

Mars Colony - I. Brown & M. Dodge

Mars Institute - David Portree

The Mars Society - R. Zubrin & others

On to Mars! - Christopher Burger

The Terraforming Information Pages - Martin Fogg